StrongEdge Water Clear Epoxy for Laminating and Stone Fabrication

Tenax has developed a line of water clear epoxies designed specifically for fabrication and lamination.

Once applied to a lamination or miter edge, the stone or substrated will not delaminate or break wehre the StrongEdge has been applied.

StrongEdge is the clearest epoxy on the market. It does not shrink, it takes a polish, as well as accepts color tint to color match the stone when needed.

The Strongedge Flowing and StrongEdge 45 knifegrade is a simple 2:1 mix ratio.

Tenax produces Strongedge in 3 diferent formulas: Flowing slow cure, Flowing fast cure, knifegrade fast cure. And we also have it in a cartridge.

StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade

StrongEdge 45 is a true knife grade consistency. As the name states it is 1) designed for 45 degree miter applications. After mixing the A & B together it will stay as a knife grade without running and dripping off the edge and onto the floor. 2) It will cure in about 45 minutes.

StrongEdge 45 is made for granite, marble, quartzite, engineered stone, ceramic, and porcelain materials.

StrongEdge can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

StrongEdge 45 comes in 1.5 qt kit. 1 qt of A and 1/2 Qt of b

StrongEdge Express Flowing

StrongEdge Express Flowing has the same speed and cure time as the StrongEdge 45 but in a flowing consistency.

At abotu 75 degrees, you have about 15 minutes to work with StrongEdge Express. Then it will start gelling and cure out in about 45 minutes.

StrongEdge Express comes in Quarts, Gallons, and buckets

StrongEdge Flowing Slow Cure

StrongEdge Flowing Slow Cure gives a little extra time to work with larger projects. This gives you about 30-45 minutes to work with StrongEdge Flowing Slow Cure and a cure time of about 2 hours.

StrongEdge Slow Cure comes in Quart and Gallon sizes

StrongEdge Flowing Slow Cure Cartridge

StrongEdge Flowing Slow Cure also comes in a standard caulk gun cartridge

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Tenax Ager Stone Color Enchancing Sealer Used on Honed Black Granite Exterior Bank Project

In 2013 Flagstar bank was building a new branch in Michigan. The bank architect picked out the honed black absolute stone. He then hired a contractor to install the stone on the building. The contractor had nothing to do with the purchase of the stone, just the installation of it.

By the fall of 2013 the bank was near completion and the contractor installed the honed black absolute stone. However, there was one big problem. The stone was very splotchy with very inconsistent color across the entire bank wall. Grayish white colors littered the stone. There wasnt any black in the Black Absolute stone! The Architect had picked out nice, dark, black honed absolute. But he did not get what he ordered. See the photos below of what the Honed Black Absolute Stone looked like when installed and before the Ager application

photo 1photo 2

photo 3photo 4

So, as all is in life, the architect and bank blames the contractor! The contractor would not get paid until the stone matched what the architect had envisioned and said he ordered.

So, after much negotiation, the contractor sets off on a mission to find a solution. He contacted Tenax and a Tenax manager went to the bank and met with the contractor to figure out a solution.

After analyzing the stone and looking at the project a decision was made to use the Tenax Ager Stone Color Enhancing Sealer on the Honed Black Absolute stone building. After doing some tests to see the effectiveness of the Ager, the contractor presented this option to the bank and architect.

Everyone agreed and the project went forward with the entire honed black absolute building being covered with the Tenax Ager Stone color Enhancing Sealer.

They applied Ager with a sprayer and wiped off the excess within 5 minutes of applying it. The Results?

Ager Stone Color Enchancing Sealer on graniteAger Stone color Enhancer Black AbsoluteBlack Absolute Granite Stone  Enhancing Sealer

The bank and the architect could not have been happier with the results! The Tenax Ager Stone Color Enhancing Sealer darkened the honed black absolute granite and created a very even, consistent color completely across the entire bank wall. This gave the bank architect the exact look he had wanted to create for the bank.

When you look at the photos it completely changed the look of the building. It went from making the bank look 20 years old to looking like a just built bank, the ultimate goal of the architect.

The bank and architect was so happy with the contractor and the results a check was written to the contractor within days of completion.

For more information on the application and use of Tenax Ager Stone Color Enhancing Sealer or to have Tenax assist you with a project, please contact Tenax USA.

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Tenax CNC and Frankfurt Brush Finish Kit

Brushing continues to be an extremely popular finish in 2013.

Many fabricators are wanting to use their CNC machine or Radial Arm machines to create the same look from standard polished slabs.

Tenax has made this process so much easier, better, and more consistent with the Filiflex and Airflex diamond brushes over the last couple of years.

Now, to make it easier, Tenax has introduced a more simple way of ordering the brushes.


Our Brush kit is the perfect way to make sure you get the exact tools you need to create an outstanding brush/leather/antique finish.

Just choose the kit that fits your plate- either 3 head or 4 head.

We also provide in the tool box a quick guide for how to use the brushes on different stones, with different looks.

for example:

Abrasive Sequences below are for,

–          CNC Frankfurt Plates

–          Radial Arm machines

–          Achilli Floor machines

When using these type systems,

–          Pressure – All stones will be different, but like all polishing, the operator must watch how the abrasives are cutting, watch the slurry. With the CNC plates, compress the springs a little,

–          Speed – The operator must watch how the abrasives are cutting, if they are not cutting, slow the travel speed

–          Water – Important to have good water flow, the more the better

–          Spindle speed – In the manufacturing the RPM is normally 450-550, this slower speed is important for the brushes, too fast and they do not pick the stone very well.

Antique Finish = any type stone can have this type finish applied, the brushes picks the soft grains and rolls over the harder grains. This is a textured finish that is very easy to produce with automatic or manual machines. This finish is also called Leather, River wash.

How to “Antiqued finish” Starting from a saw cut or polished surface:

Start with the metal diamond abrasive, make sure to remove all cutting marks, if any cut marks / drags were left on the stone, you will be able to see them in the finish. Then follow with the diamond wire brush.

  • Stone that has large & small grain will do better than tight grain. * * Tight grain needs to be flamed 1st like (Absolute black)
  • For Granites and hard type stones – The Diamond wire brush will speed the process; these are very aggressive brushes. Diamond wire brushes are available in (36, 46, 60) all 3 types are not required in a sequence, it’s all depending the stones hardness and to the effect desired in the end finish. But in most cases with the Diamond wire brushes on granite, the more cycles, the deeper the texture.
  • For Marbles the Diamond wire brushes may be too aggressive,
  • Now use the 36 Antique brushes Filiflex, this step will determine the finish look, more cycles the deeper the look, there’s no standard here, only preference. (multiple headed machines use 2 or 3 heads of the 36)
  • Follow with the 46, 2 cycles will always help; it just makes the surface a smoother more flowing look.
  • 60 – 1 cycle
  • 120 – 1 cycle
  • 220 – 1 cycle
  • 300 – 1 cycle
  • 400 – 1 cycle for more color
  •  At this stage the slab will look medium colored like a honed look and should have good texture,
  • There’s 2 ways to go here, (on the big line machines TENAX uses the 220/300/400/600/ 800 Antique brushes, (brings out the natural colors). But most companies with single head machines use the AGER or AGER Tiger here, because of time.
  •  Before using the AGER or AGER Tiger, make sure the slab is very dry, or the AGER will only go as deep as the water inside the slab, if there is still water inside, sometime there will be light & dark spots resulting in a leopard effect. 

*** Pressure on Brushes = should be low maybe 1/2 bar or less, light. = pressure will do nothing but wear the brushes faster. “Needs time running / not pressure” (*100% Water)

TENAX – “Antique Finishes”

Deep Brush Granite Medium Brush Granite Light Brush Granite Deep Marble Brush Marble Brush
Metal Diamond 36 Metal Diamond 36 Metal Diamond 36 Metal Diamond 36 or 46 Metal Diamond 36 or 46
36 Diamond Wire 46 Diamond Wire 60 Diamond Wire 60 Diamond Wire 36 FiliFlex Extra
46 Diamond Wire 60 Diamond Wire 46 FiliFlex Extra 46 FiliFlex Extra 46 FiliFlex Extra
60 Diamond Wire 46 FiliFlex Extra 60 FiliFlex Extra 60 FiliFlex Extra 60 FiliFlex Extra
46 FiliFlex Extra 60 FiliFlex Extra 120 AirFlex 120 AirFlex 120 AirFlex
60 FiliFlex Extra 120 AirFlex 220 AirFlex 220 AirFlex 220 AirFlex
120 AirFlex 220 AirFlex 300 Airflex  300 Airflex 300 Airflex
220 AirFlex300 Airflex  300 Airflex

*Always check to make sure each step has time to clean the previous, especially after the metal diamond. Diamond scratch marks if not removed will stand out in the final finish.

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Tenax 4 You Video

Watch this Video to see WHO Tenax is and HOW Tenax Contributes to our Natural and Engineered Stone Industry

Tenax is a multi faceted manufacturer of Polyester and Epoxy adhesives, Chemical products, and specialty abrasives for slab production, polishing, and brushing for the natural and engineered stone industry. Tenax runs a state of the art facility with chemists and engineers on staff, continually testing, creating, and improving products for the stone industry.

This video was produced to show exactly who Tenax is and what Tenax is doing for you, as a stone professional, and for the improvement of stone and our stone industry.

The chemists, processes, machines, facilities, etc, featured in this video are of the actual people and places of Tenax Italy.

For a visit and tour of Tenax, please contact Tenax USA or Tenax Italy to arrange a time to see this for yourself.



Tenax Quattro Bucket Box

Tenax now offers the ability to ship 5 gallon quantities of adhesive via UPS or FEDEX ground without the need for extra hazmat fees.

Tenax Quattro cans are 1.25 gallon containers.

The Quattro Bucket Box is 4 x 1.25 gallon cans packaged in a heavy duty box with special dividers that allow you to have an equivalent of a 5 gallon bucket of glue.

Comes with hardener.

With a special box designed to withstand UPS and Fedex handling, you can now get Tenax products shipped directly to your location without worry of damage.

The advantages of the Quattro box:

Easier shipping

Easier handling in the shop

Reduces dust contaminates

Can take a 1.25 gallon to the job site

Tenax is offering the Quattro Bucket in the following grades of glue:

Transparent Flowing

Transparent Knife Grade-Tixo

Transparent Knife Grade- H

Travertine Filler

Buff Knife

Buff Flowing

White Knife

Please contact your distributor for more information and to have it shipped out to you.

Download high quality PDF here: Tenax Quattro Ground Shipping

Tenax TeRust Rust Remover Powder

Tenax has created a rust stain poultice powder!

TeRust Rust Remover Powder is designed to remove rust stains out of granite, marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, concrete, brick, and sanded grout.

TeRust contains a special blend of chelates for removing rust stains from stone. By utilizing the stain process reversal   technique, the TeRust Stain Remover Powder draws the stain out of the stone.

Scoop out the needed amount of powder. Apply water to make a toothpaste consistency. Cover with plastic wrap and make several toothpick holes in the plastic wrap. Within 24-48 hours after the powder has dried, remove the poultice and the stain will be gone! 8 oz size.

NOTE: Calcium based stones may etch and require repolishing.

We also would recommend resealing the stone after the stain has been removed.

Tenax Stain Poultice and Etch Remover Compounds

Tenax has been working to find solutions to fabricator, as well as home owner issues that come up from time to time. We get calls all the time on how to remove stains safely and easily.

Even more of a concern is when home owners have etched their calcium based stones:Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Alabaster, Onyx. This etching can be from lemons, vinegar, or other acidic based chemicals.

Tenax has address these issues with 3 new products:

Tenax TeCleanPoultice powder is a loose powder poultice designed to remove household stains.

Tenax TePouch is a poultice in a very convenient pouch for homeowner ease of use.

Tenax TeEtch Remover is a great product to remove etches as well as water rings, water marks, etc.

Keep in mind that if a stain, such as coke has etched a marble, they would need both a poultice and the etch remover to solve the issues.

We hope that everyone will find these new easy to use products very beneficial.

Tenax stain and etch remover

Tenax has Sealers for ANY Application

Tenax is very well known for the AGER and AGER TIGER Stone Color Enhancer and Sealer products.

However, Tenax produces a wide variety of sealers to fit any application.

Do you want to seal polished, honed, flamed, brushed granite? GOT IT!

Do you want to seal marble, limestone, travertine? GOT IT!

Do you need a VOC Free sealer for LEED applications? GOT IT!

Do you want to seal stone and put a slight sheen on it? GOT IT!

Do you want to seal stone and NOT change the color of the stone? GOT IT!

And, of course, we have Ager and Ager Tiger that will enhance and seal the stone extremely well.

To see a video of the products in use, click on the name and it will take you to the video.

Glydex, Ager, Proseal, Hydrex, Protex

To see a high quality PDF of the flyer, please click on this Tenax Sealers button and the Sealers chart will be much easier to read.

Please request these products from  your distributor. Or to help you locate a distributor of Tenax products, please email Tenax at or call us at 800-341-0432